Welcome to Ultra Value Wines.

Ultra Value Wines is the definitive list of affordable, delicious wines now available in SA.

A fantastic line up of winning wines from the 2016 Ultra Value Wine Challenge will offer consumers a riot of fine choices. The best news is that all winning wines will be priced under R100 per bottle, thus very affordable!

Choose any of the awarded wines, being Double Gold, Gold or Silver medal winners, with absolute confidence and enjoy them with your dinner tonight.

Ultra Value Winner – the fashionable and smart wine choice!

The full list of winning wines can be found on 13 September here.

Buying winning wines will guarantee you:

  1. Buy smarter & drink better
  2. Save lots of money!
  3. Rid wine anxiety
  4. Entertain easier
  5. Impress guests
““The definitive list of ultra value wines; buy better wines with confidence.””