‘Frosé’ Summer wine trend

Credit:  Decanter magazine.

Is ‘frosé’ the latest wine trend?

Bars in both the US and UK have been offering versions of ‘frosé’ in recent weeks.


The trend has taken social media by storm, having been sparked by Bar Primi in New York and Beaufort House in London.

Jimmy Scott, the business development manager for Beaufort House, told Decanter.com ‘The blend of strawberries and vermouth compliment the rosé to give a refreshing, sweet and summery taste.

‘Frosé is such a great cocktail to celebrate the summer; it’s like the adult’s slush puppy – genius.’


He added, ‘There aren’t as many cocktails out there that include wine as the main ingredient, so it’s intriguing.

‘It sells itself in the name; you can imagine it when you say it and it automatically sparks an interest.’

Provence expert and DWWA judge Elizabeth Gabay MW said she has ‘mixed feelings about frosé.’

‘Yes – a fun drink, and if viewed as a wine cocktail it implies quality. But if seen as another way to sell cheap rosé, I think it lowers the image. Wine cocktails have a long and noble history.’

Frosé is the latest in a string of rosé themed products.