This business provides a specialist consulting service.  It is designed to assist vineyards and wine businesses to grow their direct wine sales, enhance sales margins and profits as well as build customer loyalty.

These objectives will be achieved through a number of simple steps.

Four key areas require clarification, and then a set of specific steps designed to support the future growth objectives.  These steps will be based on plans for:

  • Sales
  • Data management
  • Customer relations
  • Brand values

A detailed review and discussions with stakeholders is undertaken before any suggestion of change takes place.  The aim is to develop and quantify a personalised and prioritised action plan that will generate the intended sales results.

A detailed review starts the process off.  Firstly a sales strategy, resource and accountability study is undertaken.  Footfall and web traffic are similarly reviewed.  Data content and strategy is assessed.   Brand, messages and communication consistency are also studied and customer groupings clarified.  Following measurement and analysis, a prioritised focus with corresponding actions will be drafted.

The resultant practical action plan will be tailored to deal with a number of key, related priorities that positively affect sales results and growth.  This might include direct & indirect sales tactics, market and customer communication, sales tools, role clarity and accountability, performance and reward strategy, staff training, setting of targets, measurement & reporting, as well as developing a sales-and-results culture.

David Nieuwoudt from Cederberg Private Cellar commented:  ‘It is eye opening to see the new and unique ways that they examine the sales chain. Their thought processes are non-traditional and they apply international skills into wine, from financial service backgrounds.  It is tremendously exciting to see how a high growth brand likes ours can leverage itself further and faster than before with this quality input. This is smart work and relatively easy to implement.  We expect substantial returns and payback.’

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