Cape and City

The Cape is well regarded for having a choice array of fine restaurants from which to select memorable dining experiences. Fine dining menus, paired with brilliant and on occasion unique wines, heightens the absolute, thrilling enjoyment of any such special occasion.

Culinary planning

Enjoy gastronomic guidance as well as a booking service for the Capes best. The service can arrange for the perfect pairing wines to accompany and enhance all dining experiences. This can range from a selection made from the restaurant wine list. Or it could include pre agreed rare, aged Cape wines, or finest vintage wines from anywhere in the world. These will be prepared and ready to be served to customers at their table for an evening of total enjoyment and pleasure. Or else they can be delivered to any adress beforehand.

Holiday wines

Spending time in the Cape is always pleasurable. However queues, no tables and sold-out are never pleasing responses. Customers can get a one stop approach to ensuring that their Cape visit or holiday offers the most tantalising, pleasurable and rewarding wine and dine experiences imaginable. Experts will plan with customer input, then source and deliver to the accommodation adress a perfect, indeed highly enviable, range of select wines and drinks, thereby helping to complete this key aspect of successful holiday requirements.

Guides, wine masters and chaperones

For those requiring an expert guide, sommelier service or wine master, a select team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals is available to call on. This might be to simply select and present the wines, or else to join a dinner table and contribute to or lead discussion. Similarly, to lead and expertly present a tutored private wine tasting is another option. Then for a bespoke food and wine adventure into the wine lands, either for a single day or for multi day adventures, a guide leader can ensure and enrich customers overall unique experiences.
A chaperone service is available for those requiring a more personal companion to accompany their fine dining and wine holiday journey.